My name is Monica Olivera and I'm a homeschooling mother of two, as well as a freelance education writer. I began blogging as a way to share the many resources for Latino homeschoolers that I was slowly discovering through my own journey as a Latina homeschooling mami.

As a parent trying to raise bilingual children, I struggled to find bilingual or bicultural materials to use in our homeschool lessons. While eventually, I began to stumble on some wonderful resources, I sometimes had to create my own. Eventually, I began offering them to my readers with great success. I really enjoy creating them and the small profits I make from the sales allow me to purchase additional educational materials for my own children and keep MommyMaestra going.

If you are on TpT, please check out my store. But for those of you who don’t want to sign up on another site and would prefer to just purchase directly from me, I’ve created this new store attached to my site. In addition to downloads, you’ll also find books, toys, and other fabulous materials that I’ve found for your family.

On MommyMaestra, my first responsibility is to you, dear reader. So all the products you see in this store are designed to help Latino and bilingual families who homeschool or want to supplement their children’s education.

Please take the time to share your thoughts and ideas. I always welcome feedback on ways to improve or new items to create that will help you raise children proud of their culture and language.

¡Que lo disfruten!